quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2011


Quotes From When Luke and Lorelai Share Their First Kiss

Luke: I'm not a mysterious man, am I?

Lorelai: Well, the wardrobe's a bit of a head scratcher.

Luke: You know the last time I bought someone flowers? Never! That's when! Very easy stat to remember!

Lorelai: I loved the flowers!

Luke: And when I walked you home after the wedding, there was a moment. I thought there was a moment.

Lorelai: There was! There was a moment.

(Luke gazes at Lorelai, then moves closer)

Lorelai: What are you doing?

Luke: Will you just stand still?

(He gathers her in his arms and they kiss. Lorelai pulls away, then moves back closer to Luke.)

Luke: What are you doing?

Lorelai: Will you just stand still?

(She holds his face as she kisses him, Luke's arms wrap around her as they kiss. She pulls away again. As they gaze at each other, Luke grasps her waist and pulls her back.)

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